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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:55 pm    Post subject: Forum Guidelines  Reply with quote

Forum Guidelines


Even though the forum is made up of adults, please use your common sense when it comes to material that may appear to be offensive. Some adults are still offended by certain words and wherever possible avoid using words that may cause offense. Offensive Material includes:

SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL Do NOT post links, sites or pictures which may contain material of a sexual nature. This will not be tolerated at all when pasted in the wrong forum and persistent offenders will be banned.

LANGUAGE. We know that in the past you have got away with quite a bit but we have decided that all forms of bad language should be avoided. It is not necessary as this is a forum about sports. The automatic censorship feature on the forum will hide any words which may offend certain users. Please do not rely on this system as the intent to swear may still cause offense. Deliberately trying to avoid the censor will result in a warning.


Posts or topics clearly insulting other users, individually or as a group, directly or indirectly, are not allowed. Harassment or continued offensive behaviour towards other forum members will not be tolerated under any circumstances, this applies to postings in threads and PMs to other members. Abusive and/or threatening posts are not needed, and members guilty of this offense will be warned. This includes:

RACISM. This will NOT be tolerated. Any comments seen to be harassing another member because of his/her race will be severely dealt with. This includes insults or stereotyping about any person's religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, or gender.

PERSONAL INSULTS[. There is no need for this at all. This usually occurs when debates get heated or out of hand and the posters involve result to this behaviour. Saying things such as "You idiot!" or "Screw you!" are not allowed. Posts with this sort of posting will be deleted and a PM will be sent to warn the member(s) involved. This can also often happen if someone has posted a tip that subsequently does not win and is also seen as unacceptable.


The following are not rules as such but should be followed to maintain good forum etiquette. Following these guidelines will help keep a smooth running forum. Persistently breaking these guidelines may result in a warning.

TROLLING. This is the act of deliberately trying to wind other member(s) up with the intention of getting them banned. If you think someone is doing this then please do not respond back but report it to the Admin Team.

SIGNATURES AND AVATARS. By all means use these features but if you do use pictures here then please use your common sense when it comes to size. A very large picture in your avatar or signature space can make topics that you have posted on very difficult to read.

MAKING TOPICS WITH MISLEADING TITLES. If you need help, don't just say "Help!" Try to write a title that may give more information as to the nature of the topic. If you would like to speak to one member in particular then use the PM system instead of creating topics that begin the title FAO etc.

POSTING FALSE INFORMATION AS FACT. Members of the forum do NOT appreciate being led to believe something that isn't actually true. To avoid this situation, use terms like "Apparently" or "I've heard” or anything along those lines. Opinions are acceptable – posting false information as facts are not. Please also note that libellous or defamatory content can also mean that the poster and forum owner can be sued. If a post is considered libellous or defamatory it will be removed.

POINTLESS TOPICS OR POSTS. Posts with one word or even one letter answers are disruptive and there is no need for them. Please use the introductions thread wherever possible if you would like to say hi this will save a new topic being created every time a new member joins.

OFF-TOPIC POSTING. Please make every effort to post topics into the relevant forum. Off Topic posts not in the Off Topic section can be moved by a Mod or Admin but it is something that can be avoided.

INTENTIONALLY HARD TO READ TOPIC TITLES OR POSTS. Using ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE cApS, no spaces and no or excessive punctuation is disruptive.

POST SHOUTING. .Posting comments such as "This is my 1000th post" is pointless and posts of this nature will be deleted.


USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION.Before posting a new thread please be aware that it is likely the topic could have already been created and discussed, so please use the search function found in the menu at top of page. A lot of members are not aware of this facility so please take the time to check it out.

NO MULTIPLE USERNAMES. There is no reason for using multiple usernames. It is often done with the sole purpose of causing disruption within a forum. Offenders will be warned and these actions will lead to a ban from the forum. If you have forgotten your username or password then please contact a member of the Admin Team. If you have already created another username then please notify the Admin Team of your old username so that it can be deactivated.

DO NOT USE TEXT SPEAK! You know how to use proper English, so please use it. It is extremely difficult sometimes to understand and just becomes confusing.

NO ADVERTISMENTS. Please do NOT use the forum to advertise tipping services etc.

PLEASE RESPECT THE MODS AND ADMIN USERS. Our jobs are not easy as you can appreciate but we make decisions with the best interests of the forum and all the people who use it. We are only human and will make mistakes.

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